Why You Should Have Your Office Carpets Cleaned!

Although many businesses don’t have carpet cleaning high on the priority list, let us tell you why it should be. You may think you are  keeping your carpets clean by vacuuming, but in reality, there are millions of germs that live and breed right on your floor. High traffic areas from outdoors are probably even worse.

These germs travel and can ultimately affect the health of your employees, and make your office just seem dirty. Hiring a commercial carpet cleaner can help resolve a few issues.

  1. Appearance – Your office represents you! Stains and dirt aren’t what you want your customers seeing when they walk in your office. Take pride in your workspace and make sure it stays clean. Having mats at every entrance can assist with keeping the carpets clean, but they will never protect you 100%. With the right machinery, your carpets can look brand new.
  2. Health – Employees are an important asset to your business. When employees are out sick or aren’t feeling well, your business can suffer. The dirt and particles embedded in the rugs will eventually make their way into the air. These germs can wreck havoc on your employees. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly will ensure a safe, healthy work environment.
  3. Convenience – Like we said, vacuuming alone isn’t going to get the job done. On those rainy days, the tracked in mud is going to be a serious problem. Don’t stress – hiring a professional carpet cleaner to come on a scheduled basis will be 100% worth it.

Contact your local carpet cleaning specialists today! Semper Fi Cleaning and Maintenance will get the job done right.